I got this bag from my last trip to Bangkok, it was my love at first sight you know. I never ever purchase anything from Guess before, but these days they kinda catch my attention (I still can’t believe that I didn’t buy the logo tee from them, which I saw while traveling to Singapore earlier this year, urghhh).

This is my very first bag in heart shape, normally I only choose square or box shaped bag, but this one this time is an exception. I style myself in black because I really wanted the bag to stand out and be the highlight of my outfit. I did add a red choker to make the whole outfit look less simple.

These days, I try hard to put accessories into my outfits, like choker and rings, because somehow I have been collecting so many but was so lazy to put them on. Especially when I have to work, because you know, a graphic designer uses fingers and hands a lot during work, I don’t feel comfy with anything that stick to my hands. Guess that I’m getting use to it, but that’s a lie haha, I often take all the rings off while working and put them back when I leave my desk to do something else. I’ll try harder to use all my accessories before they turn into dust.


/ All the sketches are form Google, I do not own any of them /

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