OOTW | Colors

Dressing myself is the greatest joy I have these days, let’s just forget about tons of things from work and all the bad people, I want to dress myself to feel happier when the world out there is so gloomy.

Last week my code is COLOR, I chose 1 color for each day, not like monochrome situation. I missed Wednesday because kinda woke up late and felt too tired to dress up, so I did wear clothes but very off the topic, not worth taking photo. Yea, even though I planed my outfits for the whole week, day like that still comes up out of nowhere.


I got the yellow Adidas tee in boy section, I couldn’t resist the color and the logo, so while looking for a new jacket, added just 1 more tee wouldn’t kill anyone right! And yes the second Adidas item which I’ve been wearing non-stop is the cobalt fanny pack. I’ve been waiting for it since early of 2018, because it was at my friend’s place in the US, just arrived like 2 weeks ago. I’m a Adidas fan, I know, I love the Originals logo (like I said so many times before, haha), so I keeps adding more and more of it.

Processed with VSCO with acg preseton-cloud9

So glad that Saigon weather is cooler during rainy season, even though the streets are so dirty and traffic is terrible but still way much better than the heat. I hate it so much when I’m dressing nicely and sweating all over, what a tragic you know.

During this week I dress very randomly, I don’t know why but it took me like 45 minutes last Sunday night to put together outfits for this week, normally I just need to visualize and take note in 15 mins. Anyway, I had a busy day so I will enjoy the rest of the night watching Netflix, bye world!

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