Hiphop day

Back to when I was 16, I was so obsessed with Hiphop culture, from fashion to graffiti and anything relates to Hiphop. Not so sure about rap music back then, because I was so much into pop music at that time (you know, Britney and Avril and M2M…)

The coolest thing is it wasn’t just a sudden interest, I’m still so into it right now, the culture is full of street vibe, and I am a person who lives in street culture, especially street style and art.

The older I am, the more I want to express myself through fashion. I am actually a very shy person, I can’t handle talking to new friends without being scared and yes cannot easily come up to present in public. I train myself hard and yes archive something, but in general I am always shy. However. I ain’t shy while dressing different from others, that’s my strongest point, I don’t care what people think and ready to argue whenever I hear any naughty comment.

Style is really something that makes me the one I am today, I know that I won’t fit in anywhere, I rather be alone than force myself into any strange environment, but I’m always proud of the me that I am. I wear my style with confidence and yes, that’s what makes all of us shine so bright.

So just keep on shining, not for anyone else but for yourself only.

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